This month:

Addition of the article for the future crowdfunding campaign of Staiff’s album “Z-80”.

Disappearance of certain products and their associated fundingware campaign.

Products still available and their fundingware campaign will be renewed on September 1st. Prices will change !

So if you are interested in one or more products at the current price: go for it! less than a month left !

Already some participation in FundingWare. Thanks to the contributors. do not hesitate to come and participate. The speed of availability (download) of participating products depends only on you ! 😀


top fundingware products:

1 – Uzi Nagaz

2 – Digidreum

3 – Kivapiano Vassano

Top fundingware contributors:

1 – Adam Sośnica

2 – Andrzej Tazbir