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Royalty Free Music

Music for your videos, youtube, games or any other project …

We have some titles here, composed according to the desires, inspirations, covering a wide field, and boasting of quality, varied and responding to your request for a truly artistic and quality.

Are you an audiovisual professional, a director, editor, a youtuber or an enlightened amateur? Find quality royalty free music for your videos. Choose a style, an atmosphere to listen to our musics free of right corresponding to your research. free of rights means that you will not have to declare your use to companies like SACEM, BMI, etc. … however, the use of our sound effects is subject to certain licenses depending on the type of public use.

– Understandable licenses, depending on your usage.


  • classic personnal licence


  • Extended personnal licence

National TV / Radio Advertising License for 1 year.

  • commercial license to renew each year


Habillages sonores:


01-Royalty free music?2018-09-26T15:01:15+01:00

This means that once the music has been purchased, you do not have to report to organizations such as SACEM, ASCAP, BMI, etc. …

02-Can I use them on my youtube videos?2018-09-26T15:04:31+01:00

If you do not monetize your video: The standard license is for you.

If you monetize your videos: The extended license, or even the “TV / radio advertising” license will be imposed according to the amount of your global monetizations.

03-Will I have any copyright issues with youtube?2018-09-26T15:06:24+01:00

Basically, our music is not declared via youtube to avoid you end up with a video blocked for “copyright infringement” on our music.

However if you buy a standard license for a monetized video of small and / or large scale, we are forced to declare it and ask for the monetization and / or inclusion of advertising whose revenue we will return, or even to block the video.

Remember to select the right license;)

If you don’t monetize your videos, then: no fear: D

04-Can I use your music for a video game?2018-09-26T15:06:56+01:00

If the game is free and does not offer purchase in app or advertising: YES, with a standard license.

If the game is monetized in any form: YES, but with an extended license.

A game intended to be available on platforms like “Steam”: YES, but with the license advertising / TV.

05-Can I use your music on “missions” and / or game addons?2018-09-26T15:07:41+01:00


If your missions or map addons are offered free of charge (and without direct and / or indirect monetization) to the game owners: the standard license is sufficient

in other cases: Same to question 3 and 4

06-Can I use your music on my videos?2018-09-26T15:09:59+01:00


For licenses, same answers to question 2 to 5.

07-What is the quality of your music? like the preview?2018-09-26T15:10:23+01:00


The preview is a low quality demo in .mp3 equipped with an audio tag.

The purchased version is an uncompressed .wav file 44100 / 48000Hz – 16bits HD

08-How can I buy and download your music?2018-09-26T15:11:10+01:00

1- Directly on our site, once the payment made, you will be redirected to the download link.

2- to external sites (link in the page of each title). Note, however, that the rates and conditions of license for these external sites differ from our site. Answers 1 to 6 apply only to our site. It will therefore read and accept the licensing clauses of each site before buying.

09-Can I remix your music or create new music based on samples of your titles?2018-09-26T15:11:50+01:00


10-Can I download a demo version to test before buying?2018-09-26T15:12:57+01:00


on the player of each title you have a download button. The downloaded file is the low definition .mp3 preview with the audio watermark. This will allow you to see if the music suits you before replacing it with the HD .wav version.

11-Can I request a “custom” music?2018-09-26T15:13:27+01:00


But any case of “tailor-made” music will be studied on a case by case basis, according to the request. It may therefore result from a standard license, extended, Advertising / TV or in special cases a separate license, personalized.

In this case: Contact us! : D

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