Version 2.1.1902

Ferris Rompler is a sample based player with 212 presets based on EMU Emulator II, III, Emax, Fairlight, Ensoniq mirage, NED Synclavier, Roland S50/S550, etc. …

Ferris Rompler is NOT AN EMULATOR II emulation. It just take the look and feel; That’s why it has presets based on a lot of famous samplers.

Ferris Rompler is a tribute to the movie « Ferris Bueller Day off » where you can see the actor Matthew Broderick using an emulator II to make it look like he’s sick on the phone. that’s why we called it « ferris » rompler and we included the “sick samples” of the film (Ferris Bueller Movie), and the original samples (Ferris Bueller original).



the titles below were composed with Ferris Rompler:


VSTi tested and fully fonctionnal on: Studio One, Reaper, Sonar, Live 32 & 64 bits.

Standalone tested and fully fonctionnal on windows 7 & 10 32 & 64 bits.

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