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Version 1.4.1118 !

Virtual Vintage beat machine.

Based on the samples of iconic vintage beatboxes such as LinnDrum, Linn LM1, oberheim DX/DMX, EMU Procussion, Drumulator, CR-78, KR-55 and many more…

the famous sound of the 70s/80s.

the beat machines inside kick me became famous by many artists for its absolutly powerful sounds. Now they are all in the same instrument !

Kick me is General Midi mapped so you can use it with all GM MIDI (.MID and .Kar) songs available on the net !!!

Included in Kick me :

  • Linndrum (multi prest based on various EPROMs)

  • LM1 (idem)

  • DX/DMX (idem)

  • EMU Procussion

  • EMU Drumlator (Drumlator Rock eprom – famous in the hit “shout” by tears for fears)

  • Roland CR-78

  • Korg KR-55 and Minipops

  • The EMU sp-1200 iconic preset and the famous Roland MT-32 drum sound.


Audio & video demo

The titles below use the Kick Me:

Kick me is available as VSTi, AUi*, standalone in 64 bits for Windows and Mac.

*(Mac only)

Tested and working in Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig, Sonar, Live.

Updates :


  • Now available for Mac OSX in VSTi and AUi !

  • Fixed crash at startup for some users.

  • GUI interface improvements.


  • full CC automation with custom names.

  • new LPF (biquad) for each section.

  • New multi compressor (threshold, ratio, attack and release) with auto makeup and limiter (0 db) for each section.

  • Updated settings section.


  • Added a new bank CR78 (+ preset)

  • addition of the SC Drumtraks kit.

  • addition of the Roland MKS7 drum kit.


  • Multi stereo audio output channels.

  • Major bugfixes.

  • minor bugfixes.

comparison 1.4.0918/1.4.1118:

We help Marcel and we download !

Creating plugin is long, very long. during this time Marcel stays at home and earns nothing. you ask to buy the plugin? Yes possible. but we know it well. There will be some sales; then it will be available in warez and adios amigos! All the work of Marcel goes up in smoke, more plugin, no update. nothing.


Finance the creation of the plugin. once the 100% mark is reached: the plugin is available FREE for download!

The plugin, but not that! His future updates too !!!

you can give once (a punctual desire to help), several times (several different donations when you want), but also select the subscription and support Marcel every month (a small sum: 5 € euros for example, is less than an internet option and cheaper than your smartphone subscription).

Kick Me donations

50% funded
$ 15
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Donation Total: $15 One Time

Download link: Once the bar at 100% the link will be available !!!


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