Version 1.5.1902

Virtual Vintage beat machine.

Based on the samples of iconic vintage beatboxes such as LinnDrum, Linn LM1, oberheim DX/DMX, EMU Procussion, Drumulator, CR-78, KR-55 and many more…

the famous sound of the 70s/80s.

the beat machines inside kick me became famous by many artists for its absolutly powerful sounds. Now they are all in the same instrument !

Kick me is General Midi mapped so you can use it with all GM MIDI (.MID and .Kar) songs available on the net !!!

Included in Kick me :

  • Linndrum (multi prest based on various EPROMs)

  • LM1 (idem)

  • DX/DMX (idem)

  • EMU Procussion

  • EMU Drumlator (Drumlator Rock eprom – famous in the hit “shout” by tears for fears)

  • Roland CR-78

  • Korg KR-55 and Minipops

  • The EMU sp-1200 iconic preset and the famous Roland MT-32 drum sound.


Audio & video demo

The titles below use the Kick Me:

Kick me is available as VSTi, AUi*, standalone in 64 bits for Windows and Mac.

*(Mac only)

Tested and working in Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig, Sonar, Live.

Updates :


  • Now available for Mac OSX in VSTi and AUi !

  • Fixed crash at startup for some users.

  • GUI interface improvements.


  • full CC automation with custom names.

  • new LPF (biquad) for each section.

  • New multi compressor (threshold, ratio, attack and release) with auto makeup and limiter (0 db) for each section.

  • Updated settings section.


  • Added a new bank CR78 (+ preset)

  • addition of the SC Drumtraks kit.

  • addition of the Roland MKS7 drum kit.


  • Multi stereo audio output channels.

  • Major bugfixes.

  • minor bugfixes.

comparison 1.4.0918/1.4.1118:

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