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Version 1.3.1812 !

Virtual monophonic analog bass synthesizer module with 2 DCO ( Sine, Saw, Triangle,Square, noise) with range & detune (Osc2) , 1 LFO who can be linked with Osc, Filter or both, 1 LPF filter based upon the analog Moog Ladder multiFilter, 1 ADSR envelope (DCO, VCF & VCA),  FX , Keytrack, velocity envelope filter, etc. …

Can be used for monophonic bass and/or lead.


Audio & video demo

the titles below have been composed with MonoBass:

Tested and working in Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig, Sonar, Live..

Monobass and monoLead are available in subscrition

this payment entitles you to download the products listed, plus future updates during the year.
This subscription is based on the trust of users, there is no tedious serial number system or other security system. They annoy honest customers, do not discourage dishonest customers.
If any of these products are found on warez sites, either at your own or another customer’s, the current subscription will still be valid, but you will no longer have access to product downloads, updates !
By confirming the order, you accept these rules!
I encourage you to be correct. otherwise you will have too much to lose in the end.


MonoLead 2.0

MonoBass 2.0


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