Version 1.5.1902 !

Orion is a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with 2 vintage bandlimited oscillators (saw, sine, square, triangle, trapezoid, noise,etc. …) with pwm , octave, tune + 1 suboscillator (same waveform) + 1 noise osc, 2 AHDSR envelope (VCA + Filter), 1 complete LFO (bandlimited waveform), 1 complete Moog filter (Moog MF 101), etc. …

Synthwave ready
vintage analog sound


Audio demo

the titles below have been composed with the Orion:

Video demo

Orion features (9 videos):

Small video by the French Staiff (video in French language so…) to play Stranger Things bass & arpeg theme with Junior 1006 & Orion:

Orion VST is available as VSTi, AUi*, standalone in 64 bits for Windows and Mac.

*(Mac only)

Tested and working in Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig, Sonar, Live.

Udate 1.4.1812:

  • Now available for Mac OSX in VSTi and AUi !

  • Full CC automation with custom names.

  • Interface updates

  • Waveshaper and (soft) sync added.

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