MARCEL Studios is a multimedia studio created in 2007. We create VST instruments, VST effects, 3D objects, musical compositions, etc. Until then we sold them.

But we would like to change the economic model. All our products free !!!

But for that we need your support.

This is where you come in. With your support, not only can we keep MARCEL studios alive and running, but we can improve it. more new products, more updates, more often.

Not only can you contribute financially, but you can get directly involved in the process, helping decide what product updating, creation and ultimately how your money is spent


Each month, when the goal is reached (the sum requested is met) we give access to a product for free download (or several products).

Of course the “patrons” who contributed will have access to free products in priority. Then it will be all users of the site.

Contributors will also have access to exclusives that non-contributors will not be able to download.

Each month (when the goal is reached) you will have the choice of the product (s) available for free download. You are the “patrons” who choose (by vote and / or by survey).

The new free products will be announced via the blog.

The more contributors there are, the more you will help our site, the more you will have access to FREE products!

Now It’s up to you ! The ball is in your court !:)

MARCEL studios.