Version 1.5.1902 !

Vintage analog subtractive virtual synthesizer.

The feeling of the 80s analog synthesizers. With its analog waveforms, Oberheim Curtis and moog filter: play and create all vintage sounds of the 80s era !

Vintage ready
vintage analog sound
CPU usage


Audio demo

the titles below have been composed with The Eighties:

Tested and working in Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig, Sonar, Live.

Updates 1.4.1812:


  • Now available for Mac OSX in VSTi and AUi !

  • Full CC automation with custom names added.

  • Brand new LFO section with separate VCO, VCF and VCA send level.

  • Interface updates.

comparaison 1.3.0 / 1.4.1812:

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