Version 1.1.1902 !

Uzi Nagaz (gas plant) is a rack unit of 10 effects including:

Multi filter (filtre à café)

Equalizer (redresseur de tors)

Delay in ms and synchronized to the sequencer (répeteur 1 & 2)

Chorus (Francorusse)

Phaser synchronized to sequencer (déphasé)

Saturation (sature à tort)

Plate reverb (rêve herbe)

Convolution reverb (rêve herbe 2)

 you can record your own presets.

resizing (from the settings menu) to fit your screen.

Audio demo

The titles below are created with the Uzi Nagaz effect unit:

Uzi Nagaz is available in VST, AU* in 64 bits for Windows and Mac.

*(Mac only)

Tested in Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig, Sonar, Live.

Update 1.1.0:

  • Full CC automation with custom names.

  • Now available for Mac as VST and AU !

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